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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

A story OF Memorable Experience Of One Week Trip In Nepal

I was very happy, when I spent one week trip in Nepal. I experienced a lot of joys, pleasures and funs with my friends. I made a memorable story of Nepal tourism, which I and my friends have not forgotten till now. We all love Nepal very much and hope that we will get a lucky chance once again to travel Nepal. Nepal tourism is really a big tourist attraction for travelers. It has a good collection of natural wonders, and tourist attractions. It also stores cultural programs, traditional events and Nepali local programs. It also stores calm and pretty rivers and lakes, highest mountains and peaks, and natural wonders. So, Nepal is really a beautiful tourist attraction in all over the world. So, now, I am going to share my personal experience about Nepal Tour Package with my friends.

Affordable Budget ON Nepal Tour

Step 1 Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal is considered as one of the most affordable tourist places in Asia. This tourist destination is really a big and wonderful tourist place especially for pocket-friendly tourists. We had a small budget around 350 USD and planned to book a luxury trip to travel Nepal. We found one traveling agency named Travels2nepal, which gave us chance to visit Nepal. I and my friends were very surprised because we got 5days/4 night’s trip in this budget. We spent our trip with a lot of comfort.

Luxury Accommodations With Special Facilities

Getting a luxury accommodation in any tourist place is really a big surprise, if you have a small budget. I and my friends were in troubles to get luxury accommodations to stay there. But by luckily, we got not only luxury accommodations, but also we enjoyed a lot of special and world-class amenities.  My friends were very happy, when we saw tea break in a boating house and watching rich wildlife there. I was very thankful to my traveling company and its tour guides.

Delicious Meal With Cultural Programs In Nepal

I was very hungry and looking for some tasty food, then I got different types of meal varieties in Nepal. My friends were also took the taste of Nepali food. Nepali meal is very popular in all over the world. We spent a small amount of money to enjoy delicious meal. So it is really true that we had spent a luxury trip in the streets of Nepal. Indeed, Delicious meal in the journey can increase the excitement and curiosity of every tourist to spend a lot of days in the place.   Apart from this, we also took soft drinking and Nepali popular drinking items, while watching Nepali cultural programs. We had enjoyed a lot of things. Really, a memorable trip was enjoyed by us.

Jungle Safari Trip In Nepal

We had heard about Nepal jungle safari trip, so we wanted to enjoy it. Nepal Jungle safari is very popular in all over the world, so we planned to enjoy every trip. Travels2nepal, the best tour agency is really a complete tour guide especially for international tourists. It gives special discount offers for Nepal Tour Packages. So enjoy your trip with this company and make a trip to Nepal once in your life.

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